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Black Beauty

Why Black is the Hottest Valentine's Day Color

Featured above: Implicite

“There is only one happiness in this life,” George Sand once said: “To love and be loved.” 

George Sand (a well-known writer and French woman; don’t be fooled by the pseudonym) might as well have been talking about Valentine’s Day. And thankfully, this fête is no longer about boy-meets-girl with hearts and candies.  These days love can be expressed in every shape, size, gender – and color - which is why this Valentine’s Day we’re paying homage to the sexy power of black. 

Black makes a statement (recall every woman wearing black at this year’s Golden Globe awards in support of the #metoo movement) yet remains gloriously neutral. Wear it the way you see fit. Express your sensuality, freedom and joie de vivre on this day of love without being hemmed in by social conventions. Forget red, love the way you want to love, and strike a pose this Valentine's Day in classic style.

Here’s a spotlight on some of all-time favs this season:

Maison Lejaby


Simone Perele



Louisa Bracq



fevrier 07, 2018 
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