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Expo Milano 2015

Expo Milano 2015

Pushing the frontiers of sustainability and creativity

From May through October, 140 countries showcase the best of their technology in the context of sustainability and environmental innovation. Until August 5th, Lingerie Française presents a spectacular overview of its industrial and artistic savoir-faire at the French Pavilion of Expo Milano. Our brands have opened their archives to the public to highlight innovations in four principle areas: Creativity,  Environmental Awareness and Sustainability,  Technical Know-How, and Innovation and Seduction.

A dive into these archives tells the story of lingerie as it’s been expressed by millions of women around the world. From the first industrially manufactured corsets in the late nineteenth century to contemporary models, the history of lingerie is an intimate story of social change, marked by know-how and technological evolutions transmitted through generations. These evolutions include the invention of elastic mesh at the end of the nineteenth century, the massive use of nylon and the industrialization of French lingerie after the two World Wars, the emergence of spandex in the early 1960s, and the current use of increasingly intelligent materials

Lingerie Française also covered its manufacturers’ commitments to choosing raw materials that don’t pollute the planet and promoting organic cotton and silk in their collections in an effort to reexalt the superior performance of traditional noble fabrics.

July 25, 2015