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5 Empreinte Bras You Can't Live Without

5 Empreinte Bras You Can't Live Without

If you had to live on a desert island, you’d want food, water, and Empreinte bras. Five of them, to be precise: The Melody, the Thalia, the Grace, the Cassiopée, and the Kaela. These five bestselling bras are the BMWs of lingerie for full-busted women. They defy the misperception that French lingerie is for small busted women or that if it’s beautiful, it can’t be comfortable. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The Cassiopée

Empreinte was founded in 1946 by an engineer named Jean Le Her who used his technical expertise and love of the female form to craft his marvels. Located in the French town of Brest (no kidding), the company went on to so abundantly regale women that some of them can’t help but reveal their Empreinte bras to the world at large: Take actress Halle Berry,  who recently appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show wearing a see-through blouse that prominently displayed her black Empreinte Melody bra. “Thank you for wearing that,” enthused Kimmel, no doubt admiring the Melody’s fabulous seamless Chantilly lace. 

Every Empreinte bra is a veritable work of art made with the best fabrics, like Lycra instead of Elastane, Swiss tulle mesh for lining and embroideries, and precisely cut-blocked fabrics for flat side panels that bring fullness to the breast in front (versus to the side) for an “up and in” shape effect; reduced strap elasticity provides extra support and comfort, and cups go up to an H.  It takes up to a year to product test every size and three years to fully train an Empreinte seamstress (most of whom have been with the company for 30+ years). Needless to say, when you wear an Empreinte bra, you wear this incomparable French savoir-faire. 

Like any superbly engineered product, you have to experience it to fall in love with it.  Until you run off to your nearest fine lingerie boutique, here’s what you’re missing if you’re not already an Empreinte devotee. (See the magnificent Cassiopée above.) 
The Thalia

The Kaela

The Melody

The Grace

November 26, 2015 
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