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Empreinte's Bathing Beauties Come to Life

Empreinte's Bathing Beauties Come to Life

A free-spirited spring collection in rich, striking palettes

This summer Empreinte takes its inspiration from the carefree elegance of last century's bathing beauties and the happy, free-spirit of the sun and sea. The very essence of modern femininity comes to life in rich, simple, yet striking palettes: bright shades that celebrate real or imaginary nature, mineral tones with an earthy aesthetic, aquatic and leafy shades, and fruity or floral colors. Fabrics are impeccably soft, compact and supple, with supportive Explosive Xtra Life knit enhanced by subtle details; matching beachwear pieces are made from 100% cotton voile with a delicate, light and airy feel. And, as always, every swimsuit is impeccably crafted with the needs of well-endowed women in mind. Summer has never felt so sexy.

Arty caraibes

Smile caraibes

Arty colas

Bloom hale

Chic hale

Regate colas

Regate fusion

Pretty noir

Pretty lime

Chic perse
April 12, 2016 
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