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In Support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In Support of Breast Cancer Awareness

October Puts it On the map

Featured above: Flash mob in Paris in support of breast cancer awareness.

If our eyes are windows to our souls, then surely our breasts must be gateways to our perceptions (and anxieties)  about womanhood. From the time we’re barely teens, we women have a close relationship with our girls, no matter what size or shape they may be.

The history of our relationship to our breasts is actually a compelling saga that reflects cultural, social, and even psychological sensibilities around the body that have changed over the centuries. One quick skim of Marilyn Yalom's fascinating The History of the Breast is to understand the power and socio-cultural implications of this particular part of our anatomy. But what about the health of this particular part of our anatomy?

The basics of breast-care have never been so rigorously in the international spotlight, and that’s thanks in great measure to Janelle Hail: Diagnosed with breast cancer in 1980 at the age of 34 – and with little information and few resources at her disposal -  Hail embarked on a mission to educate herself and overcome breast cancer. Years later, she launched the National Breast Cancer Foundation  (NBCF) to help women learn about what has become a national health crisis. Years after its inception, the NBCF continues to raise millions of dollars in the fight against breast cancer and provides free mammograms to women all over the country. 

The pink ribbons we see everywhere this month of October are a reminder to be proactive and get a regular mammogram. It’s a simple step that could very well save your life and is certainly a key part of basic women’s healthcare. We at Lingerie Française tip our hats to the countless people committed to the fight against breast cancer and to all those promoting awareness of this crucial issue. 
October 01, 2016