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Fashion Bloggers Discover French Lingerie

Fashion Bloggers Discover French Lingerie

Secret Power Tool for Centuries

Photo above: Laura Albouy, Initials LA 

French women were using lingerie as their secret power tool long before American women ditched their bobby socks. For centuries, they've understood that sexy is a state of mind and it all starts with your lingerie. No wonder they invest in lingerie as fashion: Think beauty, well-being, self esteem and feeling good in your skin every day. (News flash: This is partly what's behind that alluring French "je ne sais quoi." It all starts with what's underneath...)

And let's be clear: French fashion isn't limited to haute couture, scarves and handbags. Lingerie has always been part of the pantheon of fashion. And because the French are renown for quality craftsmanship and stellar design, they've been setting trends that are imitated by countless brands worldwide. Ever wonder why so many brand have French names but aren't truly French? Check out French or Faux for a keener insight into this fashion phenomenon. 

Fashion bloggers are aware of the ultra hip and sophisticated nature of French lingerie, which is why they love to sing their praises. Check out a few of our favs: 

Jen Wonders/Jen Wonders, Maison Lejaby

Julia Comil/House of Comil, Passionata

Bénédicte Castillo/Bref...Une Fille, Simone Pérèle

Bénédicte Castille/Bref...Une Fille, Maison Lejaby

Jessica Moore/Miss Moore Style, Louisa Bracq

Jordan Landes/Haute House Flower, Maison Lejaby

Laura Albouy/Initials LA, Lou
February 23, 2017