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Simone de Beauvoir

Vive Les Femmes!

Why International Women's Day Is Every Day

Photo above: Simone de Beauvoir

Ladies, here’s a quick history 101 primer for you: A few hundred years ago, French maverick Madame de Stael declared: “Resist, keep resisting, and find the center of support in yourself.” (Find out why we love Madame de Stael here.) Those words have rung through the centuries: Our suffragette sisters raised hell and fought long and hard for the freedoms we all enjoy today, congregating and “resisting” as far back as 1909, when the first National Woman’s Day was declared in the States.

But feminism didn’t land on the international spotlight until Simone de Beauvoir came on the scene: French, bad-ass brilliant, and iconoclastic, Simone de Beauvoir followed in Madame de Stael’s footsteps: “Change your life today,” she said. “Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.” Countless women took those words to heart and revolutionized the world in so many ways.

As an association of brands dedicated to women since the first corset was worn, it’s an understatement to say that the well-being and empowerment of les femmes has always been our raison d’être. We celebrate and acknowledge women around the world for their multifarious magnificence: We are lovers, mothers, healers, friends. We are astronauts, fighters, teachers, powerhouse politcos and artists. We bake and break bread, and literally bring life into the world. Superman has nothing over Superwoman

It goes without saying that we still have a road to hoe and should never take our hard-won rights for granted. We hold the torch high for this crusade, but with women as our muses, we also hold a torch high for the power of love. As the equally famous French feminist Sylviane Agacinski once said: “We want the power to seduce and be seduced. There will never be a war of the sexes in France.” Let’s all drink to that!
March 06, 2017