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Wear Your Greens

April's Look of the Month

Ladies, we all know it’s important to eat our greens – we live in Kale Nation, after all. But at Lingerie Française we much prefer to wear them.  Green is the color of life, renewal, nature, and optimism. According to the web site Empower Yourself with Color, it also evokes “the mental clarity and optimism of yellow with the emotional calm and insight of blue, inspiring hope and a generosity of spirit not available from other colors.” Sounds lovely. Let's wear it. 

Featured in our Look of the Month for April with green as our restorative high-note are high-waisted pants with an embroidered oh-so-French marinière (super trendy at the moment), a black acrylic basket seen everywhere in Paris these days, studded sandals, and an Hermès scarf. Underneath these gems is Chantelle’s Champs Elysée lace demi-bra in peacock green. Inspired by Chantelle’s bestselling Vendôme, the Elysée is a true work of art with embroidered cups in sheer tulle and vertical seams for the uplift we adore.  

For more information on the design genius behind these must-have French lingerie essentials, check out our interview with Chantelle’s head designer here.
April 07, 2017