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Why the Devil is in the Details

Why the Devil is in the Details

On the Incredible Design and Artistry of French Lingerie

Ladies, they say that the devil is in the details. When it comes to lingerie, that’s an understatement. Lingerie design is an incredible art and science that brings together a huge cross-section of disciplines. In fact, in a previous blog post called Full-busted and Fully-French, we explained why the making of a bra is on par with the engineering of a bridge - no kidding!

But don't just take our word for it. We brought together a group of American women in Paris to experience French lingerie for the first time, first hand.  They met with our designers and product development specialists whose trade involves every detail in the making of French lingerie, from art, construction techniques and textiles, to the amazing world of lace. In fact, lace alone is a universe unto itself  - and yes, we have blogs posts about that as well. In The Truly Fine Art of Lacemaking we spoke with Oliver Noyon, director of France's oldest and most illustrious lace-making institutions. And in Centuries of French Craftsmanship Thread by Thread we explain why Calais has been the lacemaking capital of the world for centuries.

Here's what these American women had to say about the phenomenal fit, feel, and look of French lingerie, from the second-skin feel and stunning support of memory foam to the truly magnifient look of lace.