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Say Bonjour to Baby Bardot

Say Bonjour to "Baby Bardot"

Sabina Socol takes center stage in France

Photo by Coutureaholic

She’s been called “baby Bardot” by the fashion press and lavishly praised for her effortless chic.  Like her sister fashionista Jeanne Damas (featured here in our latest post), Sabina Socol has become something of a European sensation. Though Socol is originally from Romania  (she moved to Paris years ago to study journalism), she’s on her way to becoming another French fashion icon, with her free-spirited sensuality and nonchalant allure.

Socol is a resident of the bohemian 11th arrondissement in Paris, where she loves to go vintage shopping. Many of her finds end up showcased on Instagram, where her 186K followers enthuse over playful posts from Paris and afar. Socol polished her digital chops working as a social media editor at a French magazine, but her approach to marketing remains simple and unpretentious. “I only want to post when I’m comfortable and what I’m comfortable with,” she recently told Harper’s Bazaar. “I believe people can tell when something is fake, (and) I don’t like that.”

Socol describes her look as very feminine yet basic, with a sexy twist here and there. She loves flower print dresses, 70’s-inspired fashion, and has a yen for clogs.  Underneath her laissez-faire elegance, we're pretty sure she's wearing French lingerie!


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May 02, 2018