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Still Life in the Garden of Eden

Still Life in the Garden of Eden

Chantelle’s Stunning Fall Collection Exalts Mother Nature

This season Chantelle exalts the creative tension between nature and the manmade world in a stunning new collection honoring Mother Nature. It draws inspiration from the enduring power and beauty in gardens and forests: delicate lacework and leaflike veins, the dark tones of wood, bark and rust, the sumptuous hues of crimson fruit, and the radiance of the sky are all present in their dreamy glory.

The collection is also inspired by the timeless artistry of various muses: From the brooding sensuality of Spanish fashion designer Mariano Fortuny to the aesthetic sensibilities of Georgia O’Keefe, Araki and Mapplethorpe.  In its floral seduction line, bewitching light evokes twilight as dusky pink petals unfurl; spiky details contrast with fluid floral embroidery to add a hint of danger. Manmade elements are underscored in strong linear compositions that are sculpted yet fluid, with contours that follow nature’s lines contrasted with angular and architectural shapes. 

Chantelle has taken a bold leap of artistry with its richly nuanced and eclectic vision of lingerie, nature, and the greatest seductions around: the inner life of a woman.

September 11, 2018