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Real Women Wear Real Lingerie

Real Women Wear Real Lingerie

For years, the majority of women have been ignored. They will no longer stand for it. A single, conventional idealized female form is simply no longer acceptable to the female public and the female consumer.

Plunkett Research estimates that 68 percent of American women wear a size 14 or above.” Yet apparently only 18% of the market proposes clothing in these sizes…but not when it comes to French Lingerie!

French Lingerie brands have stepped up with new advertising and communications campaigns, from Chantelle’s Overthrow Underwear on Instagram, to their new campaign with Tehya (photos accompany this article) there is a specific and important transition in the world of Lingerie and how it addresses all of the women it serves.

French lingerie, the original lingerie, is available in Cup size A to I, with specialist brands Empreinte, and Eprise, as well as Aubade, Antigel, Chantelle, Lise Charmel and Simone Perele all offering a vast selection of styles, colors, fabrics and prices in their largest sizes.

One of the key concerns in larger sizes has been fit, but the French Maitre Corsetiermasters exactly that. In a sense, the Corsetier (Corset maker) is a specialized kind of engineer with a very particular, niche kind of knowledge: he or she is engineering a garment that must support, and at the same time must offer both comfort, and an ease of movement that makes the garment completely functional yet absolutely pleasurable to wear for 12 hours or more.

Furthermore, the renowned French attention to detail is particularly evident in the deeper cups. For example, at Louisa Bracq, a brand known for its exquisite embroideries, where every bra is hand designed in-house in France, each size is specifically studied. Because the embroidery is designed in-house Louisa Bracq can actually calculate and then create embroidery specific to the size of the cup. For example, if you have 3 embroidered daisies on an A cup, you may need 5 or 7 on an E or F cup to give the same effect. That is the kind of attention to detail that sets Lingerie Française a part.

Lingerie is about a woman feeling good in her skin. Every woman has the right to choose lingerie that suits her preferences, skin tones and size. Today French lingerie provides a myriad of choices from elegant silks and hand made lace, to the latest tech fabrics to give every woman- in every size- a large selection, and the opportunity to look and feel wonderful in her own skin.

March 08, 2019