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American Women in Paris

American Women in Paris

Finding their Inner French Girls

American women have been flocking to France for centuries, but one of the first things they coveted when they discovered the marvels of Paris was lingerie. Yes, it’s true: By the end of the 19th century, American women would literally sail across the Atlantic just to buy French corsets and custom-made haute couture in Paris. Forget wine, cheese, or fine art. It was all about lingerie. 

Slowly, however, the fine art and culture of lingerie was lost in the New World: Lingerie became utilitarian in the U.S., while in France, it has remained not just a must-have fashion essential, but also a key way for French women to stay in touch with their bodies.

In the interest of re-exalting these lifestyle principles, we invited a number of American women in Paris to get fitted by our lingerie experts: product design specialists who know more about the engineering of lingerie than most mere mortals. In this particular video, American women learn the following key points about how to shop for French lingerie:

1.  Slow down
2.  Know your body
3.  Focus on quality versus quantity
4.  Seek beauty and comfort

Here’s what these lucky American women in Paris had to say about their first encounter with French lingerie:

March 31, 2017