Their aim of Lingerie Française is to enable member brands to express themselves with a single voice, not just in France but especially on the international scene.

"Promincor – Lingerie française", the Association for the Promotion of Corsetry Industries, brings together sixteen prestigious French brands, united by a set of common values: ALLUMETTE, AUBADE, BARBARA, CHANTELLE et PASSIONATA, EMPREINTE, MAISON LEJABY,  ANTIGEL, ANTINÉA, EPRISE, LISE CHARMEL, LOU, PRINCESSE tam.tam, ROSY, SIMONE PÉRÈLE et IMPLICITE.

Their aim is to enable member brands to express themselves with a single voice, not just in France but especially on the international scene.
Although the corset making profession has long since reached the industrial stage, they have nevertheless preserved the spirit of craftsmanship and the taste for excellence that comes from bespoke work. This is a traditional and technical trade, with the richness of its unequalled expertise passed down from generation to generation. But it is also a trade of the future and of research, which requires cutting edge technologies and, in this domain, a high level of design capability. Finally, this is a trade synonymous with aesthetics, refinement and luxury, whose creations were kept hidden for a long time. Today they are revealing themselves in full daylight and now contribute openly to the development of current fashion trends.

Lingerie Française aims to promote this profession by showing off its many facets to all sector professionals, and also to the wider public. In concrete terms, this promotion entails taking part in specialist salons under a single banner, by organising fashion shows, showcases, press conferences, but also the "Lingerie Parades" or events of a more cultural nature, such as exhibitions, publications, or retrospectives…

Lingerie Française stands out from the crowd because of its consensual nature: rising above the natural competitiveness that exists among them, these sixteen brands have been successful in displaying a set of shared values and objectives. Moreover, they share one and the same passion: lingerie!

The clearly stated intention of these brands is to perpetuate the excellence of this ancient trade, whose original designs and precise techniques gave France its reputation as leader in the world of fashion and "good taste". But today we are a long way from the first bra model, patented in 1889 by Herminie Cadolle!

These 16 brands share the same heritage: an extremely technical manual trade, requiring huge expertise. Related to the sculptor, the corset maker practises his art by shaping a woman’s charms and body. In the secret of privacy, he moulds her flesh so she can fulfil her desires. Everyone know that a woman’s charme depends above all on the undergarments she chooses to wear … And because women change often, in order to seduce her the corset maker must constantly invent new models which will require new techniques to create them…

However, innovation, creativity and research into the best performances would be pointless if the corset maker did not also demand excellent raw materials, of the sort that can match refinement and the spirit of the times and which find their fulfilment in the perfection of the final product. Of course, each corset maker has his own manufacturing secrets, but ultimately, they all need to get across to the general public the dream factor that they breathe into their creations.

Because they share the same values and ambitions, the sixteen corset makers, all members of the Lingerie Française, have therefore decided to unite forces in order to push the image and renown of their profession ever higher, ever further.