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The Committee for the Development and Promotion of French Clothing, otherwise called DEFI, was founded by the French Minister of Economy, Finances and Industry. It was created in December 20, 2000 to supercede the Committee for the Development and Promotion of French Textile and Clothing created in 1984.

In order to “support all kinds of collective initiatives in favour of the clothing industry,” the DEFI carries out several public service missions, including:

•  Fostering programs that support innovation and the restoration of industrial and commercial structures.

•  Contributing to the improvement of training programs for employees as well as improving production, management and marketing conditions in the clothing industry.

•  Stimulating the national and international promotion of industry-specific products.

•  Participating in the development of favorable conditions for creativity in the fashion business and supporting the preservation of its fashion patrimony.

•  Implementing economic and social research in the clothing industry and publishing their findings.

•  Contributing to the financing of programs that promote the initiatives as sated above

•  Quality control of organizations benefiting from DEFI’s financial support.

We highly appreciate the financial support of DEFI, the Committee for the Development and Promotion of French Clothing, for development and launch of this web-site.

The Committee for the Development and Promotion of French Clothing - DEFI8, rue de Montesquieu, 75001 PARIS, France
Tel: +33 1 40 74 09 53
Fax:+33 1 40 74 08 99
CEO: Clarisse REILLE / [email protected]

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Knitwear and Lingerie Federation


THE KNITWEAR AND LINGERIE FEDERATION is a community that brings together businesses operating at all levels of the textile-clothing chain: fabrics, textiles, contractors, brands, distributors, and consumers, all of whom share the same vision of projects and makets. The association has the modernity and dynamism needed to develop its different missions: lobbying to defend members interests, training, and studies that highlight their textile expertise, along with showcasing different markets via the 14 salons organized by their EUROVET subsidiary. 

37-39, rue de Neuilly, 92110 Clichy, France
Tel: +33 1 49 68 33 50
Fax: +33 1 49 68 04 78
CEO: Karine SFAR / [email protected]
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, organizer of trade fairs and businesses that support the textile-clothing-distribution network.
Eurovet organizes up to 20 trade fairs every year in three areas of expertise: Lingerie and Beachwear, Fast Fashion, and Sport and Leisurewear.

With the presence of its subsidiaries and activities in Europe, Asia and the United States - and via more than 30 representative offices internationally - its mission is to offer platforms for export development and quick turn-around international tours. Trade fairs created by the Fédération de la Maille et de la Lingerie have been in existence for approximately 30 years.  Since 2001 they have been developed by EUROVET, a subsidiary of this Fédération and of Comexposium.

Eurovet’s close ties with professional organizations make its trade fairs among the most comprehensive events in their activity sectors. They grant a unique legitimacy to professional trade fair organizers serving the textile-clothing-distribution network all over the world.     

37-39, rue de Neuilly, 92110 Clichy, France
Tel: +33 1 47 56 32 32
Fax: +33 1 47 56 32 99
CEO: Marie-Laure BELLON-HOMPS / [email protected] 
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