High End Lingerie and Embroidery designer Louisa Bracq, creates a style where sophistication meets innovation and luxury for all women.

Always on the lookout for what has not yet been done, Louisa Bracq makes a point of bringing a wind of change to the high end lingerie industry through renewed collections, a defined identity and a strong visual communication.


Louisa Bracq is a family owned company since 1886.
At the end of the 19th century the company’s activities of design and embroidery manufacturing are geered towards the ‘Haute Couture’ industry, until the early 90’s when they start producing for Lingerie brands, which coincides with the arrival of Vincent and Jérôme Bracq. The two brothers then proceed to venture further into a vertical integration and start the lingerie brand Louisa Bracq in 2007.
Louisa Bracq is as of Today the one and only brand to design and produce it’s own embroidery in their premises in the North of France.

Since 2013, the 5th generation of the Bracq family is making its first steps into the company. Son of Vincent Bracq, Matthieu has taken over the artistic direction of the Secret d’Eva brand after graduating from the prestigious fashion School of « La Chambre Syndicale de la Couture » in Paris.

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French market : 397 point of sales in multi brand retailers.

International market : Australia, Belgium, Canada, Danemark, England, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands.


Adresse :  102 rue Roger Salengro,
59157 Fontaine au Pire
Tel. : +33 3 27 85 02 58 
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