The mission of Lingerie Française is to enable our member brands to express themselves in a single voice around the world, while promoting their rich cultural legacy and historical savoir-faire.

10 prestigious French brands

"Promincor – Lingerie Française", the Association for the Promotion of Corsetry Industries, represents the following 10 prestigious French brands united by a set of common values : AUBADE, CHANTELLE, PASSIONATA, EMPREINTE, MAISON LEJABY,  ANTIGEL, LISE CHARMEL, LOU, LOUISA BRACQ & SIMONE PÉRÈLE.

Its objective is to allow member brands to express themselves with a single voice not only in France, but especially on the international scene, in order to promote the excellence of French Lingerie to professionals and General public.


Although corsetry reached its industrial peak long ago, our brands have retained the unparalleled know-how and spirit of craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. That said, our brands are also the torchbearers for the future, committed to research, cutting-edge technologies, and the highest level of innovation in. In a trade synonymous with aesthetics, refinement and luxury, lingerie design secrets were once closely guarded . Today, these secrets are an open and integral part of current developments in fashion.


Our goal is to promote our brand members and the French lingerie industry to trade professionals and the general public. This effort includes participation in trade shows and salons under a single banner, as well as the organization of fashion shows, press conferences, immersive events and cultural events such as exhibitions, publications, and retrospectives.

Our brands

Lingerie Française member brandsare united by a set of shared values and objectives, as well as an enduring passion for lingerie, of course! They are all committed to the pursuit of excellence in this historic trade, with unsurpassed design savvy and technical expertise that is unique to France: With its enduring reputation as a fashion leader and purveyor of high quality, France rests on laurels that go all the way back to the first bra model, patented in 1889 by Herminie Cadolle!

This shared heritage includes a vast reserve of technical knowledge in manual trades, from sewing to arts such as sculpture: The lingerie designer creates garments that exalt the allure and shape of a woman’s body. Constantly innovating, the lingerie designerdevelops new models which, in turn, continue to push the envelope on ingenuity.


Innovation, creativity and research are only part of the equation: Our trade is predicated on the use of the most refined and sophisticated textiles. Each lingerie designer creates according to their particular trade secrets, but ultimately they breath life into their dreams and creations through the expert use of these textiles.

With their shared values and ambitions, our brand members have come together to push the image and acclaim of their profession to even greater heights.